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Conceptual Theme Shoot on Durgotsav 2020

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Conceptual Theme Shoot on Durgotsav 2020

A common saying -'a picture is worth thousand words' is the actual thought that rings in the mind before capturing a pre planned concept theme based image. The image to be captured must reveal story in itself. Still photograph is the depiction of one single moment, which captures the expression and body language, as it is on that particular split second moment. A story/concept needs to be discussed prior to the shooting day. A lot of planning, arrangements goes hand in hand to make the theme shoot successful. Team work is the secret behind the real success. The model plays vital role to present his/her character accordingly as per the concept. The make up artist too has a big hand to prepare the character/model to bring forth realistic appearance. Support team works hard behind the scene and keeps the photographer, model, MUA going pleasantly throughout the shooting.

As a photographer, I have to start my preparations well in advance before the scheduled shoot. Searching and finalizing suitable location, conveyance facilities, arranging all required props, keeping an eye on weather conditions etc. I have to choose the best photographic gears, lighting set up and all accessories a day before in order to avoid any missing item on the day of shooting at location.

On the day of shooting, a challenge always keeps us going- ' the shoot has to be good enough and satisfying'. Enjoying the day irrespective of challenges of weather (hot/ cold/rainy) is very essential and our team is very good in that aspect.

This Durgotsav 2020 theme shoot was a fantastic one. We selected a countryside location where minimum human interference and interruptions would arise. Our concept was to depict the welcoming of Devi Durga and the hidden 'shakti' (power) that every women possess. In West Bengal, India, this is termed as 'Agomoni' - a Bengali word, meaning arrival. After reaching the location, our MUA-Sweta, suffered an injury in her foot, bumping on to a small ditch. She still went ahead to give her best. Cudos to her ! Model-Diksha performed well to bring her best body language and expression. Our loving support team members-Meghna & Keshav were the jolliest of all and kept us all entertained.

The shoot was overall pleasing and would remain memorable ever.

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A lady dressed as Goddess Durga posing for Conceptual Theme Photography by Ranjan KM's Photography, Deoghar, Jharkhand
Goddess Durga in Rudra Roop

 A lady posing for Conceptual Theme Photography by Ranjan KM's Photography, Deoghar, Jharkhand
Behind The Scene moment during Concept Shoot

Happy festive time to all !!


Jul 15, 2023

Fabulous blog!


Jun 27, 2023

Creative and Artistic ❤️

Ranjan KM
Ranjan KM
Jul 04, 2023
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