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Hi, I am Ranjan KM, based at Deoghar,  Jharkhand, India.

I am a self taught professional photographer with a focus in Wedding, Event, Fashion, Portraiture, E-commerce / Product / Catalogue Shoot and Movie Film Unit Still Photography. 

I quit my job to pursue my passion of photography. I felt, passion is the difference between having a job or having a career and it’s beautiful when passion comes together with career.
The 3 C’s that built my career are Choices, Chances and Changes — Choice to take a Chance to see the Change 

It was never too late to follow my dreams to find my passion. The simple formula for me was to figure out who I want to be, what I want to do, what inspires me..... and then I DID it.

I listened to my heart, focused on what excited me and above all didn’t let anyone limit my dreams as I knew that the best feeling is getting paid for what I love doing. Now my passion is my profession and work is my hobby.

Since I was passionately curious, the growth and the learning curve thus far has been immense. I look back to realize that a successful career in photography is all about -
' Continuous Learning and Mastery in the ART & SCIENCE of     Photography
I spend my leisure time to photograph the elements of nature, wildlife and life in the rural area. Spending time with mother nature nurtures the soul and brings me clarity and energy.

It’s definitely been a journey to cherish and with heads-up-high, I a
m happy to know that my family and circle are very proud of who I am today !

My Philosophy

Photography, to me, is more than just clicking a button; it's about connecting with my subjects and immersing myself in the moment. I believe that genuine emotion and authenticity shine through in every photograph. Whether it's a heartfelt smile, a tear of joy, or a shared glance, my aim is to capture those fleeting moments that make life so extraordinary.

My happiness lies in my GOAL 

' To Make every client feel celebrated '
So...'I Capture the Moments, that Captivate your Heart'


Ranjan KM

Professional Photographer 
Deoghar, Jharkhand, India

Ranjan KM | Professional Photographer|Wedding Photography |Deoghar|Jharkhand


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